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Certified Strategic Interviewer (CSI)

90 day course

From A to Z without the BS in the middle

Getting clients:

  • The one sentence to get your calendar completely booked
  • Opening the conversation
  • How to know whether YOU want to work with them
  • How to only work with people who can afford you (and not waste time with those who don't)
  • How to price your services so you get paid what you're worth
  • and more.

Activating the Expert Gene

  • Strategy: how to design a road map that they love
  • How to deliver a First Class experience so they don't want to go back to Coach
  • How to get the expert into a state of flow
  • What to ask
  • How to get quick soundbites
  • The best time to ask for feedback
  • And much more

Quick Content Magic

  •  The fastest way to turn an Activation Session into content magic (so you don't spend all day editing)
  • The only 2 tools you need for the job
  • How to use lastPass with your client
  • How to use Canva to match your client's brand even if you're not a designer
  • y mucho mas!


  • Where to find the right people for the job
  • Lessons from an agency owner
  • How to leverage agencies to grow your business
  • How to collaborate with agencies for a steady client flow
  • oh, there's more!

Bonus: watch Yifat take a client from start to finish

  • Take a look at the entire process from start to finish:
    • What does a strategy look like
    • What does an Activation looks like
    • How to quickly turn it into content magic
    • How to have them ask you to keep working with them


$16,613 in free bonuses

CSI Fast Track ($555)

7 Days To $1000/month With Clients You Love

Fast & Focused Action Plan To Get You One Client

Day 1: Where's the Fire - how to know who's an expert you want to talk to

Day 2: Offer Your Firetruck (positioned as a trusty advisor not a sleazy sales person)

Day 3: The Treasure Map - the path to their dreams

Day 4: Activate The Expert Gene

Day 5: Content Magic on the run

Day 6: Delight & continued delight

Day 7: Scale

Free 90 day coaching ($9,000)

Work together with the same lady Google hired to train their own teams.

Get all the support you need when you need it:

Live weekly zoom call with Yifat (Q&A, new hacks, on the spot problem solving)

SMS support via private Telegram group

24 hour emails support

From Seen To Sold Out ($3333)

Follow a proven road map used by today's top marketers, influencers and business owners to create your own powerful marketing machine, and do it all in 5 days
(are you noticing a trend here? I'm all about removing friction and delivering fast results!)

Day 1: all about creating a miraculous business that people love referring their friends to.

Day 2: all about your money making website (even if you're not techy and a die hard perfectionist)

Day 3: all about building an audience of raving fans and hungry buyers

Day 4: crushing it with live streaming

Day 5: content marketing that sells - without slaving over it all day.

Avoid costly mistakes by

Tapping into the mind‘s of today’s top experts

Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport

2 Time Tony Award Winner

Ken has built multiple Broadway shows from the ground up, and has won Tony Awards so you too can get creative with your marketing to get free press.

In 2019, Inc. 5000 named Ken’s production company, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

He is the founder of, a one-of-a-kind “masterclass” community that provides training and inspiration from Broadway’s best to writers, directors, producers and more.

Lana Shlafer

Lana Shlafer

Author of the best-selling book Manifest That Miracle

Over the past decade she has empowered thousands to manifest what seems out of reach, including buying their dream home, healing from a chronic illness and meeting their ideal partner.

More than 20,000 people have participated in her Manifesting Challenges. Lana’s energetic personality and no holds barred coaching has been featured in popular media, such as Forbes, TVOne and NPR.

Lana studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She lives in Puerto Rico with her husband and three kids and is working on her second book.

Phillip Stutts

Phillip Stutts

Founder and executive chairman of Go BIG Media

Phillip Stutts comes from the cutthroat world of political marketing.

Among his victories are over two decades of experience working on campaigns with billions of dollars in political ad spend, and contributed to 1,273 election victories, including hundreds of U.S. House campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate campaigns, and even three U.S. Presidential victories.

Phillip plays the game of political marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition, multi-billion-dollar budgets, and a win or die mentality.

Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick

Founder + CEO of Small Pond Enterprises

When Michael went from high school teacher to Broadway producer in under two years people started to ask him how he managed it. Michael began his career as a high school English teacher before producing Off Broadway and then on Broadway. This combination of experience in the arts and entrepreneurship led to Michael starting an arts incubator program to teach more artists about building and growing their own businesses (PLAE). Eventually, he decided to develop a workshop on networking which grew into a full time consulting practice and that became Small Pond Enterprises.

Michael took a short break to work as the V.P. of Operations and as a Director of Business Development for an NYC Ed. Tech Startup which introduced him to the New York Startup community. Most recently, Michael founded The Connecting Connectors Conference (ConnectorCon).

Elisa B. Bennett

Elisa B. Bennett

Get Leads You LOVE!

Elisa’s mad, passionate LOVE affair with LinkedIn leads started with an addiction to sales that started in the 5th grade when she got Chrissy and Shannon to help her sell candy bars. They won the school contest!

Now Elisa helps people generate up to four times the business, attract major media attention and much much more with her “LinkedIn Leads You Love” system.

Warren Carlyle

Warren Carlyle

Professional community building strategist

What if you could attract your super fans? Without spending hours on social media?

As the Co-Founder of Ready To Propel and Propel Brand Management, Warren Carlyle is a professional community building strategist who works with purpose-driven brands & influencers to build highly engaged online communities. He is also founder/CEO of OctoNation®- The Largest Octopus Fan Club, a nonprofit organization that inspires conservation of the ocean by teaching the world about octopuses.

He, and his communities, have been featured and gotten the attention of celebrities & global organizations such as Michael B Jordan, Ellen Degeneres, Joe Rogen, Facebook HQ and more. Warren believes online communities are the lifeblood of a brands relevancy in today’s crowded digital marketplace, and especially now given the global pandemic.

Brian Miller

Brian Miller

Beyond Networking

Former magician turned author, speaker, podcast host, and consultant on human connection.

We live in a distracted and divisive world. Our relationships – both personal and professional – are seeing dire consequences.

Brian Miller believes that success in life and business depends on our ability to connect with others. A globetrotting magician turned author, speaker, and consultant, Brian brings us back to what matters most: human connection.

His TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone” is a global sensation, viewed and shared 3 million times worldwide.

Free Content Magic ($750)

Don't worry about hiring and training content creators to outsource to.

Work with our certified outsourcing company, pass them your interview, sit back and relax as they do all the work and you keep all of the money

Get 3 free credits

to repurpose 3 interviews at no cost. And guess what, they'll also schedule and post it for you!

You're going to LOVE truly getting paid to just talk 🙂

The One Sentence ($99)

Use this one sentence to book yourself solid with people you WANT to work with

Get them on your calendar

Use this time to figure out whether YOU want to work with them

Open the door to working together

Camera Confidence Bundle ($777)

Follow This Simple 5-Step System To turn your livestreams into ca$h

STEP 1: Camera confidence (looking gooooood) solving)

Use The PB&J Method To Get Newscaster Ready In Five Minutes Or Less.
We show you how to feel more confident, look your best, and have the skills to get your message out there.

A full video training and workbook to track your progress, so you can actually SEE how your self-confidence is building up.

PLUS – How to remove, replace and blur your background without a Green Screen.

STEP 2: Sounding smart

Know EXACTLY What To Say
You’ll never be unprepared for a Live video again! Never sound stupid or like an armature when you press the Live button.

Get over 30 topic that you can use to build your authority and your brand with live streams.

These topics are specifically designed to build your business and grow your visibility.

STEP 3: Captivating your audience

4 Easy Ways To Getting Raving Fans & Hungry Buyers
(Even If You Suck At Social Media And Hate Selling)
Just starting out? This deep dive training will help you discover where your audience hangs out, what they’re craving and how to offer it to them.

You’ll also learn how to make quick cash without a website, a product or an offer (highly requested)

STEP 4: Going viral

A Proven Formula For Creating Viral Videos That People Want To Watch

Gain access to an exclusive interview with the head of Oz Media Global – Ken Okazaki and get a system that works for you – the HILDA system.

HILDA uses a video structure that ‘s been proven over and over again to perform well on social media.

H: It starts with a strong Hook
I: You make a short introduction
L: You lead the viewer’s anticipation
D: Deliver your content
A: Altruistically ask for a micro-commitment

When you follow this simple format you will not only see higher engagement – but most importantly – an increase in ACTION TAKERS.

STEP 5: Cashing out

Use The Psychology Of Persuasion For Higher Sales
Cialdini’s 6 principles of influence are: reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking and scarcity. This training gives you the science and the know-how to apply these principles in your online marketing.

How much should I charge ($99)

Double And Even Triple Your Income
When You Charge What You’re Really Worth

Stop Undervaluing Your Skills, Time, And Expertise!

There are 3 ways to make more money –
1. Get more clients
2. Get more sales
3. Raise your prices.

Most people focus on 1 and 2, when in fact 3 will not only get you the BEST clients (those who value you and show it with their wallets), but it’ll also free your time from constantly chasing leads and endlessly slaving over content.

Think How Much More Effective You’d Be If You Focused On The Perfect Few Than Chasing The Indifferent Many.

Use This Little-Known Formula To Know Exactly How To Price Your Offer. Get Back Your Confidence And Make More Money In Less Time.
Listen, knowing how to price your product or service is the biggest challenge for most business owners.

Business owners just like you are stuck in a cycle of not charging enough, then coming up with reasons why people won’t pay their fees.

Tap into the simple Money formula that will help you know EXACTLY what to charge and how to make a good living from your business

100% DOUBLE Risk Free Guarantee


Get your money back plus some!

Go through the entire program, apply and implement what you learned and Yifat will work with you until you make at least $3,000/month (you must attend the live classes, send us your complete exercises, implementation reports and homework to qualify)


Client Referral Program

Go through the entire program, apply and implement what you learned, pass the certification test and demonstrate excellence to get added to the client referral program. (you must attend the live classes, send us your complete exercises, implementation reports and homework to qualify).

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