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For better or worse, in business being the best known beats being the best every time.

You’ve seen this a lot, a much better product is available for the same price, but because of brand awareness, the lower quality gets more business.

Grant Cardone called it:

Best Known Beats Best.

You're about to discover how to become better known WITHOUT spending all of your time, money and energy making that happen.

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The 5 Step System Behind Today’s


~Gary Vaynerchuk


~Alex Hormozi

$6 MILLION IN 2021

~Khaby Lame

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By the end of this masterclass you’ll know EXACTLY how to…

How to become Best Known in your market WITHOUT ads or big budgets

Why you now can grab market share ORGANICALLY

How to never get stuck with what should I talk about now

Why you don't need to be seen everywhere to become best known (and the 3 platforms to focus on)

How to do this WITHOUT a big in house team, dealing with entitled contractors or expensive equipment

How to get it all done in under 3 hours per week

"Yifat is terrific at stepping into tough situations and concocting daring solutions, making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Yifat leads the way out of dilemmas as she blazes uncharted trails and improvises inventions until she gets them working."

~Kolbe 3296


Yifat Cohen's "Expert Gene Activation" system is legendary. She has helped 6, 7, and 8 figure experts make hundreds of thousands of dollars in as little as 10 days using her unique engagement framework.

Google hired Yifat and flew her around the world to train their own team and speak at their offices (which they hardly let a non-Googler do). She worked with the city of Austin, was featured on radio shows, big stages and live events... all because Yifat understands one thing:

In our overly connected world, we are starving for connection.

And when we provide that connection we are rewarded with referrals, loyalty, and $$$.

Her clients have generated over $250,000 in 10 days from a dead list because of her Instant Trust strategy.
Others have made over $100,000 in that same span of time, while others saw 40% conversions and high ticket sales from cold audience.

Today, Yifat helps Experts activate their Expert Gene to grow their authority and business through authentic content in just 2 hours a month.


Yifat has the pleasure of working with the top experts and best known in their markets

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