In a world drowning in information, where content is churned out without soul or substance, there's a path that's all too common.

A path of surface-level insights, short-term gains, and fleeting engagement.

You feel it, don't you?

The longing for something more. The desire to rise above the average, to break free from the mundane.

Welcome to the world of Expert Gene Activation.

A world where your voice resonates with authority, where your insights ignite minds, where you don't just share information, but provide unique perspectives.

This is where you belong.

In the realm of in-depth analysis, originality, and expert-backed credibility.

A place where you build not just a brand, but a legacy.

Feel the power of fostering a community, the joy of long-term relationship building, the pride in establishing your personal or brand authority.

Don't stay average like everyone else.

Embrace your deepest feelings, fears, and desires.

Activate Your Expert Gene. Become a Thought Leader and make a bigger impact.

Your journey begins now.

Build Thought Leadership in just an hour a month.

Rising Above the Noise:

When They Follow, You Lead

You've seen the ads - create a year full of content in 10 minutes.

people out there churning out content like a factory assembly line. Quantity over quality, right?

But it's hollow, scattered, passionless.

Now, picture the experts we're working with, on the brink of becoming an impactful thought leader.

Each piece they create resonates, filled with depth and originality.

  • Everyone else
  • Purpose
  • Content Focus
  • Audience Engagement
  • Value Proposition
  • Content Depth
  • Originality
  • Credibility
  • Long-term Strategy
  • Community Building
  • Brand Positioning
  • Everyone else
  • Increase visibility
  • General topics
  • Broad audience reach
  • Information sharing
  • Surface-level information
  • Often repurposed, AI generated
  • May lack expert backing
  • Short-term gains
  • Limited community engagement
  • Product or service promotion
  • You, Activated.
  • Establish authority in a field
  • Specialized, expert insights
  • Targeted, niche audience
  • Providing unique perspectives
  • In-depth analysis and expertise
  • Original, innovative content
  • Supported by expert knowledge
  • Long-term relationship building
  • Fosters a community of followers
  • Builds personal or brand authority

But here's the struggle:

The path to a sought-after thought leader can be lonely and tedious.

Consistency falls by the wayside, and running a business consumes all your time.

It's like trying to build a house while living in it – messy and exhausting.

Now, imagine there's a different way.

A way where Thought leadership content creation is a vibrant, engaging journey.

A way where you're not just another voice in the crowd but a thought leader, a trailblazer...

And it doesn't take more than 60 minutes a month of your time!

That's the difference between everyone else and the experts we're working with.

That's the path to impactful thought leadership.

Solving the the struggle of

What Do I Talk About?

Imagine sitting with a human prompter who highlights your expertise, kind of like a spotlight operator at a grand show.

Expert Gene Activation is that prompter, casting you in the best light and signaling to your audience - "Here's the expert you've been looking for!"

It's a surefire way to up your game, attracting prestige and financial growth.

One a month we sit down to an invigorating conversation where you get all your golden nuggets pulled out of you.

Be Seen Everywhere

We take your Activation Session and turn it into bite size thought leadership assets for you, posting them all over your social media consistently.

We turn them into

  • in depth YouTube Videos, with matching thumbnails and click-worthy titles.
  • tweets
  • Short reels that educate and entertain
  • image quotes, sharing your wisdom in your own voice
  • linkedin posts that dive deep into your insights
  • blog articles for your site
  • guest blogging

And we schedule and post it for you, so you don't have to.

Here's a Glimpse from some of our thought leaders:

Unlocking True Value: A Guide to Selling Your Company the Right Way

The Wrong Way to Sell
You've built your company from scratch, weathered storms, created value, but when it comes to selling, you might find yourself lost. You may think the easiest path is to rush to an investment bank. They'll sell your company quickly, right? Easy peasy!

Hold on a second. I'm here to tell you that this approach often leaves money on the table.
The investment banker wants to sell your company fast to get paid, but that usually means missing out on the true value of what you've built.

Entrepreneurs Deserve Better
We entrepreneurs thrive on finding new solutions to problems, scaling things from lower to higher value. That's why it's puzzling when we suddenly drop the ball when it's time to sell our companies. We might say, “I have no idea how to sell a company. I'll do whatever the bank tells me.”

That's why we end up selling the wrong way.

The Right Way to Sell
Let me break down the right way to sell your company, something I could talk about for hours. Here's the core of it:

1. Decide to Get What You've Earned: This starts with mindset. You've built value; don't settle for less.

2. Understand Your Freedom Point: Consider your lifestyle and retirement needs. Calculate how much you really need to retire comfortably, not just for today but your entire lifecycle.

3. Strategize Your Valuation: Understand your company's worth by considering different valuations. Don't settle for a typical industry valuation. You must aim for a strategic sale.

Two Important Stories
To better illustrate my point, let me share two stories:

Rembrandts in the Attic: Imagine buying a house with a hidden Rembrandt worth millions. Your company may have such hidden treasures (Rembrandts), undiscovered values that can significantly increase its worth.

Strategic Sales Approach: Let's say you invent a smartphone, and Apple buys it. The value of that invention isn’t just what it's worth for you, but how much it’s worth to Apple. That's strategic sale, and that's how you should sell your company.

Selling your company shouldn't be a quick exit strategy. It's an opportunity to reap the rewards of the value you've created. Look for the hidden Rembrandts in your company. Think strategically about valuation. Understand your freedom point.

If you want to dive deeper into this process, my team and I are here to help you through every step of the way.
Whether you're looking to sell soon or just want to be prepared for the future, fill out this form for a valuation consultation:


What's the secret to a strategic sale that maximizes your value? It's about discovering your 'Rembrandts in the attic' and understanding the strategic worth of your assets to potential buyers.

Rembrandts in the Attic: Every company has hidden treasures or assets that may not seem significant to you but could be extremely valuable to certain buyers. Identifying these can lead to an incredibly profitable sale.

Strategic Value: Don't just look at what your assets are worth to you; consider what they might be worth to a strategic buyer like Apple in the story mentioned. What may seem like a good price to you might be a steal for them.

Know Your Options: Are you going for a strategic asset sale, valuation based on EBITDA, or something else? Understand your possibilities and choose wisely.

Remember, your company's real worth might be far beyond what meets the eye. Unlocking that value takes insight, strategy, and expertise. If you're interested in discovering your company's true potential and preparing it for an optimal sale, let's get on a call.

Fill out our quick assessment form to get started

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Sell your company for financial freedom. Know your freedom point. Exiting your company?

Let's discuss:

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""If you really want to sell your company or prepare it for selling, even if you don't intend to sell it, please let us know. We have experts in preparing companies on how to transform them into an optimal process."

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Selling your company? Do it right. Get the value you've built, not industry averages.

Contact me if selling within 36 months:



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But that’s not all!

Building thought leadership is more than simply posting content, it's also about knowing what works and what doesn't.

We track everything and adjust when needed: when it doesn't work, we drop it. When it performs well, we double down on it.

We track the data and report back to you, dialing in our strategy to gain momentum and influence.

Imagine being everywhere all the time, strategically seen where your audience is: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, even blog posts and guest posting on industry magazines.

All without ever struggling to figure out what to say, running out of time, or getting lost in oblivion because business got in the way of making videos about business.

The solution is here, and it's simpler than you think.

It's time to lead, not follow.

It's time to rise above the noise.

Last but not least…

I've been where you are. I've built my entire brand with one web-show, on one platform that most people couldn't care less about.

And the phone didn't stop ringing.

Not because of ads or shady marketing tactics, but because it's hard to find true thought leaders.

Most people look for the short cuts, the vanity numbers and the instant fame.

You and I know better.

Ready to change lives?

You’ve seen others stand atop this pinnacle of influence, their voices resonating across the spectrum of your industry.

You’ve heard their stories of success and felt a twinge of aspiration, a gnawing determination to climb those same heights.

But what's stopping you?

Is it the cacophony of voices that drowns out your unique message?

Or is it the challenge of communicating your value proposition in a way that cuts through the clutter, makes hearts race, and minds tick?

Either way, we can help.

Let’s chat about transforming not just your career, but also your industry.

Because the world is waiting to hear your voice.