Before working with Yifat I didn't know how to strategically build my online presence. I was simply posting links to my podcast, but nothing beyond that.

In a quick 30 minute conversation she's able to Activate My Expert Gene and bring out my genius in a way that is authentic, unique and completely me.

I sit down to an invigorating conversation and 24-48 hours later I have 2 weeks full of social assets in all formats (video, images, social posts).

Her system makes it easy to stay consistent, be relevant and visible without the immense time investment that busy experts like me just don't have.

~Birgit Camp, fortune 500 CEO

I’d much rather be on a call like this

I feel more friction doing it by myself, because it's boring.

~Juan Morales

She’s like nobody else out there

Working with Yifat has been incredible. She's like nobody else out there.
I love referring her to other clients who come back and rave, because she's that good!

~Josh Brunson, Executive Sales Coach

I’ve been doing IG Live. But you made it that much easier

I've been doing Instagram live, but having you ask questions made is SO much easier. Having a strategy of what we're going to talk about made is that more relaxing, focused.

I feel on point with my strategy, rather than flailing just trying to get something done.

~Gaby Sundra, Relationship Coach

I’m Really Honored To Know You.

“She cares more about helping and delivering than anybody I’ve ever been around”

~ Phillip Stutts, CEO of Win BIG Media

She’s a no-nonsense

She literally whipped out a full website, sales funnel and copy in less than a week! So if you're listening to this, get some Yifat in your life.

~ Brett Raftery, Peak Performance/High Flow Coach