Business has always been about relationships first!

Remember, posting alone isn't going to build your thought leadership and personal brand.

You must engage with your audience, and show them you care.

Here's how:

1. 20-minute morning sprint
↳ Commenting on early posts in your feed
↳ Commenting on yesterday's posts too

2. 90-minute "live action"
↳ Stay for 90 minutes after we published a post
↳ Having conversations in "pinned" comments

3. 3 appreciation DMs per day
↳ Letting someone know you like their content
↳ Letting someone know you like their business

4. 30-minute evening DM sprint
↳ Pick only 1 daily period for DMs = evenings
↳ Respond to leads 1st; everything else 2nd

What should you say?

  • Focus on delivering value = long comments with advice, resources and support are better than short, meaningless comments like "love this!" "Cool!"
  • Ask follow up questions, or end your comment with a question - moving the conversation forward.
  • Compliment and appreciate with as many words as you can.
  • Don't be afraid to use humor. People love a good laugh.