The Piggyback Technique

You'll Never Believe How This Guy Became an Expert by Commenting on Someone Else's Post!

Back in my Google+ days I came up with the Piggyback technique - a way to grow your influence by taking advantage of influencers like Alex Hormozi who aren't engaging with their audience at all.

A few days ago I saw a great example of this technique applied perfectly well to immediately build thought leadership and expertise.

Here's what happened:

Alex Hormozi is a well-known fitness influencer with a huge following. But when he made a post about gym etiquette recently, it was Ryan R. Sullivan who stole the show.

Ryan left an insightful, detailed comment on Alex's post, providing his own expertise on the topic.

What happened next is a brilliant case study in thought leadership and list building.

Here’s how Ryan leveraged Alex’s audience to position himself as an authority almost instantly:

#1 He Engaged Authentically

The key was that Ryan didn’t just spam low-value comments like “great post!”. He shared unique perspectives and actionable advice that added value for Alex’s readers.

This made him stand out and got people’s attention.

#2 He Built Relationships

By engaging thoughtfully, Ryan built connections with an audience already interested in his niche. People started following and interacting with him, rather than Alex.

In essence, he tapped into Alex’s community to grow his own list of engaged followers. A total win-win.

#3 He Became the Expert

Providing so much value established Ryan as a trusted leader. People were soon asking HIM for advice and following his every word.

Influencing an influencer’s audience validated Ryan’s expertise and cemented his thought leader status.

#4 He Continued the Conversations

Ryan kept engaging with new followers, answering questions and providing guidance. This further nurtured relationships and positioned him as the go-to voice.

By starting conversations, he created a community focused around him and his knowledge.

In this video, I show how Ryan crushed this strategy on Alex Hormozi's own post:

Rather than spamming, Ryan provided thoughtful expertise and people started following and engaging with HIM instead of Alex!

Watch this video to see why you don't need to start from scratch - leverage communities influencers have already built!

In Conclusion...

Ryan R. Sullivan provided a masterclass in leveraging influencers’ platforms to establish thought leadership and build an engaged following.

Rather than building from scratch, he tapped into Alex Hormozi’s existing audience by adding value through thoughtful engagement. This got him seen as an authoritative leader in virtually no time.

The Piggyback technique is a brilliantly executed strategy that anyone can replicate.

Find influencers in your niche, engage with value, build relationships, continue conversations.

Position yourself as the expert voice their followers have been waiting for!

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