3 tools

to speed up content production

Turning an Activation Session (a strategic interview) into brand building asset can be time consuming.

After all, there's a lot that goes into it:

  • Picking the best gems that won't only build thought leadership, but also lead to conversions and ROI
  • Turning them into multiple formats - short videos (for YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, Tiktok...), long videos (for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn), social content, tweets, image quotes, emails, articles, podcasts...
  • Editing and designing, to stay on brand and grab attention
  • Scheduling and posting - there's no "one ring to rule them all" and each scheduling tool lacks one feature or another

And if you don't have the right tools and the right systems, this part alone can take over your entire day.

We've managed to reduce the time it takes down to 3-4 hours, and here are the tools we use to do that:


Fathom allows you to effortlessly capture & share key moments from your Zoom meetings

As a CSI (Certified Strategic Interviewer) you're not only engaging in a conversation but you're also focusing on Activating their Expert Gene and when that happens you want to capture the moments so you can go back to them and turn them into brand assets that drive results.

Fathom allows you to do just that.

When you hear a good soundbite, when you see their eyes light up, you simply click on Insight and Fathom marks that time stamp for you so you can get back to it quickly later on.

It also records the call, transcribes it and integrates it with other apps (like Slack and Drive) so you can easily delegate that part of the work without the constant back and forth.

Check out this quick 90 sec. demo:

Fathom does require a paid Zoom account, but for all its features and time savings, I think it's worth it.


All-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as a doc.

One of THE most time consuming activities of video editing is trying to find that section in the timeline... or trying to cut a section without cutting words... or worst of all - removing all the ums and ah's and in my case - all the "right?"

This is where Descript comes in.

This brilliant tools allows you to edit video by editing text.

So you take the Transcript from Fathom, add it to Descript, do a Search for the highlights you marked in Fathom and boom! You have all the Shorts you need and your editing is done.

But Descript does a lot more than that.

  • With one click you remove all the filler words
  • With one click you create audiograms - just highlight the section you want, go to Publish > audiogram and you're done.
  • It's all kept in the cloud, so you can access it from any computer
  • You can share the project with your client so you can approve your assets before you go through the trouble of exporting > uploading > waiting...
  • The new version - storyboard - allows for fancy editing without messing with timelines or layers
  • You can record your screen and incorporate that into your videos
  • Overdub allows you to record your voice by TYPING words rather than speaking them (talk about eliminating pauses, ums and "right?")
  • and most importantly than all, their support is superb.

Here's what it looks like:

Click here to get started with Descript


We're not all born designers and some of us don't have the eye for white-space or color coordination.

But unless you're outsourcing this part of your CSI work, your expert will expect you to dazzle them with professionally branded designs.

This is where Offeo can help.

You can use their AI to design or simply tap into their professional templates, all created with your brand colors already intact:

Choose the dimension:

And Offeo will design highly professional social posts for you:

Or you can tap into their scroll stoppers and other design styles:

Now you can:

  • Import your short videos into Offeo straight into these templates (length: 30 sec)
  • Export these as templates into Canva and work from there
  • Use them directly as a Facebook ad
  • Enjoy the time you saved on coming up with professional designs
  • Impress your client 🙂