what do 9.2 million followers on TikTok get you?

It might be tempting to think that more is always better - but when it comes to making money, paying clients trump vanity numbers every time.

Take for example KSI, also known as JJ.

He started off on YouTube as a gamer... before doing vlog-style uploads.
He then formed an entertainment collective called Ultimate Sidemen, with the goal of helping each other expand their online presences.

On TikTok he has 9.2 million followers,
70 million likes
100+ million views...

This is how much he has earned from TikTok:

The value of this audience is not in the platform itself, the value is in the relationship you have with that audience... so that it opens other avenues of monetization like this one:

KSI prime energy drink sells within minutes at Newport Asda

Yet, any serious business owner will tell you - revenue doesn't mean cash you can use to making it rain. Building a business, especially product based business, takes a lot of effort and many times you're not making anything for a while...

So if you don't have years to build an audience, or millions to invest in product based business or in traffic (ads, buying lists), and especially if you don't have lots of time...

What's the best way for you to start a side hustle that can turn into an actual business, where you can get a paying client within 7 days without building courses or learning new tech?

After years of making money online I can honestly tell you that the fastest way to monetizing your skills is by becoming a CSI - Certified Strategic Interviewer.

Seriously, if a 13 years old can do it, there's no reason why you can't.

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